I started taking pictures when I got a film point and shoot camera on my birthday about 25 years ago. I brought it on trips, shot a few rolls, made prints in a one-hour lab and filed them away in photo albums.

Since many of my friends and relatives don’t live in the area I decided to get a scanner to be able to email them my photos. It worked well but since scanning each photo was quite time consuming I switched to a digital camera.

The immediate feedback of digital technology changed my approach to photography. I was no longer satisfied with the point and shoot method. Seeing the image right after taking a shot allowed me to experiment. Reading books on photography further expanded my knowledge and interest.  I started participating in online forums and photo contests.

I don’t think I have a favorite subject matter. I see interesting images everywhere: plants, animals, people, buildings. I love the challenge of finding beauty in ordinary objects and working on the best possible presentation in the digital darkroom.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. See you in the viewfinder!